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Eyecandy As world tension increases, Amnesty International’s work to raise awareness over the plight of anti-gay legislation continues. Alex Bland, with the new cohort of leading models, reimagine Kate Moss and Nick Knights 2015 Campaign […]


Power & Chaos A decade-long photographic study of the Iconic Powerstation whose Roman-inspired visual envelope hides a giant structural frame. Selected images to the left are taken from the Lighthouse series which showcase the landmark […]


Skullptures A project that began in 2012 with yearly skull editions covering themes such as culture, politics and technology. In 2022 Sculptures will advance to NFTs and assimilate all prior iterations to create a new […]


Black Liberty “Alex Bland’s Liberty is a mindful meditation on race, identity and history and sets out to create a thought-provoking response to the African American struggle. Set to the sound of Billie Holidays Strange […]



Field of Dreams Inspired by the second wave abstractionists of the twentieth century, the two-meter electric blacklight luminous fields fill the entire surface to which both figure and ground are experienced as a physical and […]


Film Noir Shoot This is a storyboard gallery where text—based panels are placed between images. EON is based in Paris, France. She studied at Fashion Institute Of Technology and graduated in 2008. Her collections are produced in France. These connections […]