“Bland experiments with visual processes traditionally obtained by the chemical alteration of photographic negatives, recent works such as ‘Night Vision’ entice the viewer by traversing the layers of the Electromagnetic spectrum where ‘Cataract’ illuminates how macular degeneration changes the sufferer’s perception. Bland’s historical studies such as Odyssey come with a refreshing contemporary twist, the series embodies the elegance of renaissance paintings together with Greek mythology clashing the two periods together across the very limbs of the images protagonist. Bland is a classically trained artist with a formidable knowledge of the photographic genre and a masterful level of skill.”
Oliver Dean – Art Historian

“Alex Bland deals with complex issues both systematically and creatively, producing powerful visual images and accompanying narratives. His willingness to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective in his work translates into both original texts and a striking practice.”
Nilgin Yusuf — Journalist

“Following on from the Winchester School of Art, Alex obtained his Masters from the prestigious London College of Fashion. Bland has worked on various campaigns for Vogue, Visionaire, Cartier, and Burberry. Bland has a fondness for pure aesthetics and constructed design as seen from his wide array of imagery.”
R R Phillips —  RPS


BBC, Bast, Blueprint, Creative Quarterly, Fashion 156, HESA, Hunger, ITV, O’logy Boozine, Papercut, Hunger, Sang Bleu, Vogue Italia


Bar Tur NYC, Saatchi Gallery, Shoreditch Town, The Old Truman, Times Square NYC, PhotoMasters, Victoria House Gallery

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